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Working Online – Getting Started

To get started working online you need the following:

Domain Name

You need to find a suitable domain name that is unique to you. If your product is going to be about dog training, look for a name associated with that in some way. There are lots of ways of doing this, but I tend to use for domain name searches because it is very easy to use. Once you have found a name that is available and appropriate, you will find it much cheaper to buy at – they currently have the lowest prices, usually under $10 for one year. Almost all of my domain names have been purchased at Namecheap.

DNS Server

You need a suitable server to host your web site. I have tried several over the years but have found the best all-round service to be Hostgator. You can pay as little as $5 per month but will probably find a more suitable service will cost about $15 per month.

As a newbie you will almost certainly need some technical help and support from your server provider, and I have found Hostgator’s service to be first class. Namecheap also provides a server service but I have not tried that for myself.

Website Template and Text Editor

I use WordPress, which is free and very easy to use. You do not need any knowledge of HTML or CSS to write and publish your web pages. You will be able to load this through the cPanel provided by your host server.

There are plenty of text editor programs available, some free and many more costing hundreds of dollars. Each has its advocates but, for me, nothing beats WordPress especially for beginners.

Products To Sell

You are in this business to sell something or, more precisely, make money online. You can do this in two ways:

  • Have a product of your own to sell, such as a digital book that can be downloaded to buyers, or even an actual commodity or stock item, or
  • Promote somebody else’s product and get paid a commission for each sale that results, known as Affiliate Marketing

There are many things to organize for the first method so I do not recommend this for online marketing beginners. The second, Affiliate Marketing, is the way to go.

How Does Affiliate Marketing Work?

There are millions of websites on the internet, all trying to sell things to other millions of searchers online. How do they come together? The answer, almost always, is through Search Engines. There are lots of these, too, but you are most likely to know about Google, which is the largest.

If you are a searcher you will type in a phrase, known as the Keyword (no matter how many words it contains!), and the search engine will zoom through millions of websites trying to find the one closest to what you want. It does that by looking for your keyword, or ones very like it, in all these websites.

Clearly, to get included in Google’s search, your website must have one or more of these keywords and be able to shout it out in computer terms that puts it in front of other sites and get chosen by the searcher. There is a whole industry devoted to doing this properly, and this is where you will begin to need some expert help if you are to succeed in this business.

Again, there are two ways that you can go about getting noticed. The quick way is by what is known as Pay Per Click (PPC). You advertise your website on a search engine by paying it a fee each time a searcher clicks through to your website. Note that you pay for each click, whether or not that searcher decides to buy your product. This can use up a lot of cash, especially for inexperienced beginners.

The slower method is free in cash terms but can take a long time, weeks or even months. You prepare your website to be as attractive as possible to the search engine (see how to write copy). They use things called robots or spiders that trawl electronically through the internet, looking for all websites that seem to provide what is required by each keyword. Once they have found your website they will rank it according to various secret formulas. Your aim is to get ranked number one or very close to it for each keyword that you are using. Sounds easy?

Well, the process is quite simple, but it requires a lot of research and knowledge of how to optimize each page of the website to catch the eye of all these search engines. This is known as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and is the way we recommend for all beginners. Sure, it takes time, but you get to learn all about online marketing in the process. This will stand you in good stead later, when you start to analyze and use more sophisticated methods to improve your performance.

The wonderful thing about SEO is that you can leave your first website and get on with your next project. All the while it will be cooking away and, one day, you will see your first sale! It’s a great feeling.


OK, so all this sounds very complicated, but it really is not. After doing it once you will feel confident and competent to do it over and over again, each time making those sales increase still further.

I do recognise, however, that every beginner needs a helping hand the first time around. The best way is to have an expert actually show you how to do it. Given that one-on-one tuition is probably not an option on expense grounds alone, the next best thing is a good video tutorial program.




Basics Of Earning Money Online

Is earning money online really feasible for an inexperienced newbie? Someone who knows nothing about HTML, websites or how the internet works? From personal experience, the answer is a resounding YES. MoneyMakingBuzz is here to show you some of the best ways to make money without wasting any of your own.

Basic Principles

Let’s get rid of some myths first. Do not believe that, if you simply fling some keywords around. You will eventually strike lucky and land on that seven figure earner.   A few, a VERY few, people manage to do that and WOW, do we hear about it for evermore. Many others try to sell you on the idea.

The truth about making money online is much more down to earth. To be successful you need to work hard and consistently. Just like everybody else who has managed to succeed in this business.  And, to start, you should consider taking a good tutorial course that will save you time and money in the long run.

That is the key – earning money online is a business and must be treated as such. That is how I started out a few years ago. Now, I am reaping the benefits. My aim now is to show you how to take the right steps. Make the right decisions and find that particular niche that works for you.

This is not a difficult business in which to be successful. You do not need to be an expert in every aspect of internet marketing before you can make any money.  And there is plenty of room for everyone, even in the supposedly saturated niches like dog training and acne solutions.

Where To Start

To start earning money online you need:

  • A unique name for your website (Domain Name)
  • A host server somewhere in the world (DNS Server)
  • A website design template and/or a text editor
  • One or more products to sell or a way to make commissions selling other peoples’ products

What To Use

You will probably want to buy various tools to help you improve your website in due course but, to start, you only need some free gadgets such as the invaluable Google Keyword Tool.  As you earn money you will need to re-invest some of it in tools. Software programs that will help you make more money more quickly in much greater quantities.

Ready Made Websites

There are programs available for producing websites where all of the basic footwork and much of the research has been done for you.  Proven niches and products, site design and templates, bonuses and ebooks to use as giveaway promotions, newsletters to use with emailing campaigns, even good page content – all these can be provided as part of the package.  And all of this will save you a bundle of time and energy.  Think of the time it takes to write 20 pages of content yourself – getting it done by an SEO expert is invaluable.

If you are looking for ways to earn money online and are new to internet marketing, making a website can be a daunting affair.  There are so many things to learn and do all at once.   Perhaps a ready made website could be the answer?

Domain Names

The best source of domain names is Namecheap.  Here you will find all available domains at the lowest cost, most currently available at around $10 for one year.  From my own experience, I can say that their technical and customer support are first class. Their control panel for managing your domains is also very easy to use.

DNS Server

Having tried a number of DNS servers I can strongly recommend Hostgator. Like Namecheap their technical and customer support services are excellent.  This is very important because you are unlikely to have the necessary expertise to sort out the occasional problems that do occur with servers from time to time, and it is a great comfort to have a sympathetic and helpful live expert on hand to get these problems ironed out.


Tracking your website and page performance is vital to growing your business.  You have to perceive how every watchword performs after some time. It might need to analyse a whole tonne of traffic statistics.  There for it is very important to keep an eyes on your competitors.

A most useful tool is Google Analytics, which you should install on all your pages. This is a free piece of code that, once inserted in the page, will give you all sorts of useful information about that page’s performance. Traffic, keywords used and how often, visitor data, performance over time – there is a mammoth amount of detail to help you develop your website.

Keyword Research

Right from the start, you will need to find keywords that will attract visitors to your website or individual web pages.  The Google Keyword Tool will be a great help and you will use it constantly.  It is free as well, which helps too.  But you will soon learn, once you are making money on the internet, that you need additional tools to help find the right keywords and also to check what your successful competitors are using.

Writing Good Content

The right keywords are very important for attracting the visitors you want, but they need to be used properly.  This means placing them on the page in such a way that a reader (visitor) will want to stay on the page and eventually click through to the sales landing page (a clickthrough), hopefully, to buy the product (a conversion). This, in turn, means that your affiliate page must be well written, known as good Content. With the best keywords in the world, the search engines will not give your page a high ranking unless it has good content.


Internet marketing is a social activity.  You need traffic (people) to your website in order to make sales or conversions.  Ideally, this traffic should be targeted to your particular niche and be interested in what you have to say. And one of the best ways to do this is by being a member of a niche forum.  Here you will come across like-minded people to yourself, get a good idea of what they are talking about or what they need (good for your research), get links to your website and – importantly – get visits from people targeted to your niche.

For online marketing, one of the best is the Internet Marketing Forums. This is full of topics and questions of great interest to anyone serious about internet marketing and looking for ways to ways to make extra money. Make a point of posting as much as possible, to get yourself known and trusted by the other members.

The Warrior Forum is one of the best all-around forums, full of helpful information from the internet marketing community on all sorts of topics.  I recommend joining and contributing on a regular basis.


Social Media


Everybody loves Facebook, but very few know how to use it properly.  There is no official guide for Facebook, and FB keeps changing itself, which doesn’t help! There is also a lot of Facebook jargon that can be confusing, especially for a beginner.

But one thing is certain – you need to use Facebook for your internet marketing.  It is now bigger than Google, with more than 500 million regular users worldwide.  You want to get access to some of those millions.  And you have to understand Facebook and how to use its many facilities to get that access.















5 Ways To Improve Website traffic

Internet website promotion has one main aim: to increase traffic to your site. You must improve website traffic in order to grow your online business. This is a constant task, often leading to brain-melt, but you have to keep at it. Here are 5 ways to build that traffic:

  • Niche Forums
  • Free Content Articles
  • Free Gifts
  • Signature Block
  • RSS

Not all will work equally well in all niches.  You should experiment with each of them to see which helps to improve website traffic best. And remember that you need to be able to write good copy if you want to hold your readers’ attention, whatever Internet website promotion you are doing.

Let’s take a closer look at these various ways to promote your website.

1.  Niche Forums

Forums in your niche are great places to promote your internet marketing business. They are also a good way to find out what people want or are discussing, giving you good pointers for new website content or promotions. This is important because search engines love fresh content, and this will lead to higher rankings and the increased traffic that will result.

Once you have established yourself in a forum you should be able to include backlinks, which will increase website traffic to your site quite dramatically.  Not only that, but this will be what is known as targeted traffic, people who are already interested in your niche and in what you may be promoting.  This is the best traffic of all.


2.  Free Content Articles

Submitting free content to one or more of the many article directories, like Ezines, is one of the best ways to promote your website and build valuable back links. I have even made direct sales from some of my articles!

Most directories have high page rank and when they publish your article they provide a link to your site or webpage. This is because they allow you to include a link or links to your website in the resource box of the article you submitted.  These are good backlinks.

Also, of course, people reading your article often follow the links to your site as well – more traffic! My clickthrough rate at Ezines is just over 25%, for example, which means that 1 in 4 readers are linking to my webpages.

Make sure you know the terms and conditions of these directories. For instance, you may have to provide unique content. That means the article you submit must be at least 25% to 50% different, word for word, from any other article on the Internet.

Some people use spinning programs to turn one article into virtually unlimited ‘unique’ articles.  If you do this, please check each ‘spun’ version for grammar and readability before releasing it.  The Internet is full of worthless, unreadable content that has obviously been spun badly. That is not the way to improve website traffic!


3.  Free Gifts

You can offer free gifts on your blog or on a squeeze page you are using to build a list. Of course the ‘gift’ you offer will once again be linked to your website and you will also want to encourage the recipients to share the gift with their friends. A typical gift might be an ebook which you could compile from a selection of your website content articles.  You can also buy, for very little money, readymade ebooks targeted to your niche, which you can edit to include links or anchor text for your site.

Remember the free content articles you are submitting? Well, you can direct people to your squeeze page with the links in your resource boxes, and here again you will be boosting your web profile and increasing traffic at the same time.


4.  Signature Block

As you move around online and get involved in social sites (such as Facebook and Twitter), forums, emails and blogs, always use a signature block that includes links to your website.

This is your ‘business card’ and you should leave it everywhere and anywhere. It is a great way to promote your website.


5.  RSS Feeds

Make sure you have an RSS feed button prominently displayed at the top of each webpage.  This allows people to follow any updates or additions made to your website and to return from time to time.

I make a point of checking my RSS feeds regularly.  It is amazing how often they tend to drop off or disappear completely, at least in WordPress.


The 5 ways listed above to promote your website and increase traffic have been proven over time and work very well for most niches.  Test each in your own niche to see which works best for you, and be alert to changes in the way the Internet works.  Google, for instance, recently modified its search algorithms to crack down on what it sees as duplicate content in websites, dropping those that it considered to be offenders.  This sort of thing goes on all the time.

But, if you follow these guidelines and write good copy, you will see your traffic soar.  Then your sales will take off too!

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